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Pétition pour défendre les Humanités en Grande-Bretagne de la Social History Society

samedi 11 décembre 2010


The Social History Society UK is totally opposed to the current threat posed by the policies of the Coalition Government to the future of our university system, and in particular the arts, humanities and social sciences, within which the discipline of history has an important place. We consider the potential for damage to the education and life-chances of future generations to be an issue of the utmost seriousness.

At a time when OECD countries are investing in higher education as a way out of recession, we question the wisdom of withdrawing government funding from most academic subjects at tertiary level. These proposals will not only burden young and more mature students with a future of debt but also be more expensive to the taxpayer in the long term.

We are committed to working with student organisations, vice-chancellors, other learned societies, parents’ groups and others (whether academic, public or local) interested in the defence of history and the arts, humanities and social sciences generally, in order to challenge these proposals. Please contact your MP urgently, sign the online Humanities Matter petition (link below), and forward this to anyone you know who may be concerned about this issue.

The SHS UK executive committee :

Professor Penny Summerfield, Chair

Dr Kate Bradley ; Dr Jodi Burkett ; Professor Malcolm Chase ; Professor Barry Doyle ; Professor Eric Evans ; Dr Mark Freeman ; Professor Eleanor Gordon ; Dr Jane Hamlett ; Dr David Hopkin ; Professor Karen Hunt ; Ms Chloe Jeffries ; Dr Donna Loftus ; Dr Anne Logan ; Ms Eilidh Macrae ; Dr Mary Clare Martin ; Dr Katrina Navickas ; Dr Lucy Noakes ; Professor Alison Oram ; Dr Juliette Pattinson ; Professor Pat Thane ; Dr Alexandra Shepard ; Dr Donald Spaeth ; Professor Jon Stobart ; Dr Wendy Ugolini

Please use the SHS Executive Committee’s group email address for any enquiries :